Fernando Vilariño


I am interested in investigating new ways of story telling.


Story telling is present in all the cultures. The oral knowledge is passed on from parents to sons in order to preserve the heritage.


Nowadays, technology allows novel ways of story telling. I aim at seeking the potential of these novel mechanisms with new prototypes that allow to unleash their potential.




Workshop: I Am my Own Drawing

This is a 2 day workshop in which we develop the “Tale time” service of the Public Library, with motion interaction with our own drawn characters.

Historical Operas form Gran Teatre Liceu Collection

Visualisation of first 20th century scene plays in a virtual recreation of the Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona.

Memory Fields: Posters of the Spanish Civil War

“Memory Fields” is a prototype that helps people to navigate in digital collections using the video DJ paradigm.

How to improve our memory

This scientific experiment explores the how our eyes move when reading in order to remember numbers.

Workshop of Fast Memory

Jose Maria Brea, form the Escuela de Memoria will teach us to improve our memory skills.

Create your own 3D Printer

This is a 2 day workshop in which you will learn to print out your own 3D printer.

Creativity, Technology and Disability: Pili Egea.

The writer women will explain us how technology helped her with the cerebral palsy she has since her childhood.

Interactive posters: Science Fiction Authors

To celebrate the Sant Jordi’s day, we propose the new Computer Vision Centre prototype of interactive posters.

Interactive posters: Greek mithology

The prototype of Computer Vision Center interactive posters will help the attendants to the Mithology workshop.

Interactive posters: Catalan Sport People

The CVC Interactive posters will help us celebrate the Day of the Sport in the Volpelleres neighbourhood.

Galician Poetry: Narratives in the Video Wall.

Galician poems to explore the different ways of positioning the visual information in the video wall.