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Alexandra Margarita “Alex” Russo is the main protagonist of Wizards of Waverly Place. She is the one daughter of Jerry and Theresa Russo, the youthful sister of Justin and the older sister of Max. In the finale of the season, she is the Family Wizard after successful the Family Wizard Competition. She is at present in a long-term relationship with werewolf Mason Greybeck, whom she met in the third season. Harper’s parents involves city to audition for a gig as a practice vaudeville act in Romania.

However, when Alex beats the monster and still manages to break into Justin’s room, he tries to get revenge by casting a spell to make Franken Girl Alex’s finest pal but in addition casts a “spell lock” to cease Alex from reversing the spell. Although initially aggravated by Franken Girl’s obsession along with her, Alex quickly takes a liking to her, which simply makes Justin more mad and extra keen to seek revenge. He soon thinks up a quite elaborate (and somewhat demented) revenge plan to make Franken Girl love cheerleading (the sport that Alex hates the most) and she or he forces Alex to join the squad when she sees a flyer of a “cheerleaders wanted” signal. The episode ends with Franken Girl accidentally launching Alex out of the varsity when Alex mentions “I’ll be late for Algebra.”

They hang around for some time and Justin discovers that his father, Ronald Longcape Sr. is evil and he is the one who’s infesting WizTech with plastic balls. Alex does not imagine that Ronald himself is evil, and he or she begins to like him however she is torn as a end result of she was relationship Dean. Ronald magically turns himself into Dean and hides the true Dean inside a giant glob of jello and breaks up with Alex in his body.

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In 2011, Rodriguez moved his courting life again into the sports world and began a relationship with WWE star Torrie Wilson, forty seven. The former couple started dating in March 2017 and received engaged simply two years later. A-Rod started dating Jaclyn Cordeiro following his split with Padgett.

Matt appeared excited concerning the kiss after he realized what was happening, and ran after Alex when the kiss was over, suggesting that she’s doubtless good at kissing. Alex has a crush on George, the school’s bandleader, but is unable to get his attention as a end result of he’s turned off by her sour angle and unenergetic cheers at the faculty basketball video games. Determined to get George to ask her to the school dance, she casts a spell on herself to become a positive person. Unfortunately, the spell backfires when, in the course of the next game, Alex’s newfound optimism seems to be too much when she starts cheering for the opposing team, in the end main Tribeca Prep to squander an enormous lead and lose the sport.

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However, “Wizards of Waverly Place” was always a sitcom first, and due to this the show by no means spent a considerable quantity of time fleshing out the magical mythology of the series. Not solely that, but there were also a handful of suggestive jokes thrown round that younger viewers might not have observed in the occasion that they watched it years ago. Here is a rundown of a variety of the most questionable moments in “Wizards of Waverly Place,” ranging from unusual plot holes to secret winks at grownup themes, that fans could have ignored. Even though Black Wink how to use it followed the traditional format of different Disney Channel sitcoms, “Wizards of Waverly Place” never shied away from being fantastical.

In spite of the truth that their romantic connection didn’t work out, they have been able to retain a friendship with each other. As a result, they were able to find an entertaining method to spend the time. In distinction to lots of their Disney Channel co-stars, Selena and David have remained shut pals. As a result of their platonic connection, there was no awkwardness on the set of the show. Fans have even puzzled if the two have ever dated due to their shut bond.

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Despite speculations of a romantic relationship between them, they haven’t verified something. There’s a general sense that they’re incredibly good associates who have each other’s backs. In fact, Selena even tagged along on certainly one of David’s dates as his third wheel! But presently, there’s no latest rumor about Justin dating Alex as in real life, David (Justin) has been married to ex-Miss Delaware Maria Cahill since April 2017. A stunning and accomplished actress similar to Selena Gomez is remembered for her Disney Channel debut.

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Alex takes the blame so Justin can turn into president however Stevie confesses that she pulled off the prank. Justin becomes Student Body President by six votes, however Zeke withdrew his vote when he discovered that Justin didn’t vote. However, Justin gained his friendship with Zeke back and misplaced his reputation. Harper is sent back on the Ferris wheel by Alex, who was banned and wanted revenge because Jerry, Max and Harper went without her, the place Jerry and Max are nonetheless stuck on, but luckily she grabbed her jacket made from spicy and teriyaki jerky. Meanwhile, Mason and Alex proceed relationship and Mason gives her a glowing necklace. Mason then reveals that the necklace solely glows when somebody is in love with the one that put it on the opposite particular person.


The Laguna Beach costars attached within the early days of the fact collection. Alexandra Margarita “Alex” Russo is the primary protagonist of the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, portrayed by Selena Gomez. The middle youngster and solely feminine out of the three Russo siblings, she is sly, outgoing, and normally underachieves in relation to common high school. She typically gets into hassle due to her constant schemes (usually involving magic). In 2008, AOL named her the twentieth greatest witch in television history. Ronald, now himself, asks Alex to come back to WizTech with him, and she says yes.