Jaden Smith & Tyler The Creator Relationship: Are They Nonetheless Dating?

Tyler talked serious smack about Smith on several events in late 2010 and 2011, as Tyler’s debut album, Goblin, attracted crucial acclaim. “I just wish to say, Tyler, the Creator is the best good friend on the planet and I love him so f–king much,” he gushed. “Tyler doesn’t want to say, but Tyler’s my motherf–king boyfriend, and he’s been my motherf–king boyfriend my entire f–king life. Tyler, the Creator is my f–king boyfriend. It’s true.” While Smith and Jenner finally squashed their romantic rumors and stay friends, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star additionally reportedly dated Tyler in 2016. After photos surfaced of the two hanging out at the Grove in LA, rumors swirled that Tyler was Jenner’s new main man.

Is tyler the creator relationship jaden smith?

In a recent chat with Zane Lowe, he revealed that he was keen to get Nicki Minaj on the second verse of I Ain’t Got Time to open his music up to a new viewers whereas additionally tweeting that he needed a No 1 album “sooooo bad”. I’m not pushing the cynical concept that Tyler has “gone gay” to attain the industrial success of Ocean, but his messaging has clearly been tailored to keep away from limiting breakout appeal. Tyler The Creator is said to have had a relationship with rapper, singer, and actor, Jaden Smith.

What did jaden smith say about tyler the creator?

He said the individuals who have had the biggest affect on him when it comes to his rhymes have been Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky and — somewhat predictably — Tyler, the Creator. Smith reiterated how essential Tyler was to him as an artist, even if those feelings weren’t mutual. As it seems, Tyler was not a fan of Jaden’s debut album SYRE, and he told him this to his face. ‘ninety six DiCaprio is undoubtedly a fine vintage, however why bring that up? When Baker pried, Tyler revealed that he as soon as despatched nude photos to associates in group chat. Fast ahead to 2018, and the hatred Tyler, the Creator evidently felt towards Jaden Smith is not a thing.

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Still, it could be potential that jaumo.com they had been really seeing one another. Jaden Smith, regardless of his public relationships with female celebrities, is known to be considerably androgynous with his fashion. He can additionally be known to be somebody who doesn’t like conforming to gender norms, and that does mean that he most likely doesn’t mind courting men. Meanwhile, Tyler the Creator has also been open-minded about the potential for being homosexual, but he by no means entirely confirmed his sexuality. That said, there isn’t a doubt that Jaden Smith is just like his father in the sense that he is a good all-around performer that has seen success in Hollywood and the music industry. Of course, a profitable child of a power couple would always be just as scrutinized as his mother and father, especially in terms of his sexuality.