Rap Style Legal Article

Unregulated Agreements and Legal Requirements
Yo, let’s talk about unregulated agreements
that apply to different things
, from purchase agreements to 3-party deals
It’s important to know, so you can seal the deals
Make sure you’re legally covered
And don’t end up in trouble
Legal Degree Qualifications and Taxes
Is a MA Law degree qualifying, can it set you free
to practice law, get that legal fee
And speaking of fees, how does getting married affect taxes
Learn about deductions and relaxes
State Specific Legal Requirements
From Nebraska to Ohio, and North Carolina too
Purchase agreements and poaching laws
Make sure you know the
golf cart requirements, legal guidelines, and penalties
General Law and Cell Phone Guns
General Law Amendment Act of ’96
Updates and implications, don’t miss the tricks and the fix
And yo, is a cell phone gun legal, what’s the deal
Know your rights, stay legal, keep it real